About the Leather

Shopping for fine leather goods can get a bit confusing...

There are lots of options out there and it can be a nightmare trying to understand the differences. 

Chrome tanned, Veg tanned, Split, Full-Grain, Top-Grain, Shoulder, Belly, or even...

Leather terminology can be minefield if you don't know what you're looking for...

I only use top (or full)-grain Vegetable Tanned Leather. 

That might be pre-finished (like the Horween Dublin below)  or dyed and treated by yours truly.


Well look at it:

It's not all about the looks though:

Full or 'Top'-Grain - The very top part of the hide.

Shoulder, or Butt. Never Belly.

So what's Veg Tan all about?

So what's the deal with Chrome tanned leather? 

Why don't I use it?
"So Veg Tan changes colour... What can I expect?"

That's the beauty of this material. It depends entirely on you.

Here's a wallet I made for myself. It's next to a card holder in freshly cut, un-dyed, waxed Veg Tan... exactly the same material it was originally made from in 2014:

Pretty impressive right...

In short: it's natural, hard wearing, beautiful, and ages like fine leather should.